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This is Aspa

Aspa is Aspa Foundation sr and Aspa Services Ltd.

The mission of Aspa is to promote opportunities for persons with disabilities and people recovering from mental health problems to live an independent and autonomous life.

We develop individually-tailored, high-quality and safe living solutions in ordinary residential environments. In general, Aspa strives to influence the design and construction of housing and local communities so as to treat the needs of all members of society equally.

The Aspa Foundation owns about 1000 housing units all over the country. Foundation acquires housing units that are available on the open market with financial support from Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations (STEA). The housing units are rented to persons with disabilities and persons recovering from psychiatric problems who need assisted living services.

Aspa Services Ltd, which is owned by Foundation, produces individualized services for assisted living in flexible ways. 

Aspa’s values

The work of both the Aspa Foundation and Aspa Services Ltd is customer-driven and based on the following values:

  • Respect
  • Reliability
  • Expertise



Tuomas Koskela, CEO Aspa Foundation sr                                             Johanna Nyström, CEO, Aspa Services Ltd. 
+358 40 653 2183,                                           +358 45 654 6020,