At Aspa you make the choices

You make the choises

We believe that each and every one of us is entitled to an independent living. We encounter people as individuals, we listen and understand. Experts by experience are our partners. We co-develop housing and services with them.

You make the choices. We offer individual solutions, we customise and tune. We are housing experts, but you are the expert of yourself and your own life. We find the best solutions together, but you have the freedom to make choices.

Aspa’s operations are based on common good. We use the profits of our operations for acquiring new apartments and developing opportunities of independent life together with the residents.

Anyone can face a moment in life, when support is needed in order to cope. Our aim is to offer support when it is needed. We help each resident build an independent life exactly as he/she wishes.

Your home is your castle

When you need support with independent living, you can apply for a rental apartment from us. We will find you a suitable home together with you, while taking into account your wishes, needs and rent payment ability.  Read more about our rental apartments (in Finnish)

Services support independent life

If you need help in your everyday life and housing, we can provide you with housing services that support your independent life. Our services are customised according to your needs, from 24/7 presence to weekly home visits. Read more about our housing services (in Finnish)

We make your voice heard

Can you affect the quality of your housing? How do you manage things online? Are you looking for meaningful and accessible things to do on your free time? Do you need to improve your habitation skills to live independently? We provide you with the tools for independent life. We cooperate with municipalities, education institutes and other organisations. More information about our project work (in Finnish)


Do you want to work with us?

Aspa Palvelut Oy is a Finnish social enterprise. It produces personalised housing services for persons recovering from mental health and substance abuse problems, people with different disabilities, and others who need support in their daily lives. The provided support may include physical assistance with everyday activities, running errands, supporting studies and working life, or maintaining networks outside the home. Our services are flexible according to your needs, ranging from 24/7 presence to weekly home visits. 

There are approximately 40 units offering housing services in different localities. The units are referred to as Aspa Homes. They offer supported housing, communal housing, and 24-hour service housing. The job description of a Support Worker is very diverse. Working days include a wide range of different tasks, depending on the customers and service offerings of the housing unit.

Supported housing

In supported housing, our Support Workers help the customers in building and maintaining a life that is as self-sufficient, meaningful, and independent as possible. Supported housing customers live in their own homes and the Support Workers assist them with things such as finding a regular routine in life, keeping their home in order, managing their finances, or using services outside the home. Supported housing customers include people recovering from mental health and substance abuse problems.  

Communal housing 

In communal housing, our employees support and assist customers in living independent and self-determined lives. Communal housing services include providing apartments and all the daily services the customers need for independent living. The apartments are close to the Aspa Home’s communal premises, where the residents can, for instance, dine together. Communal housing residents include people with various disabilities.  

24-hour service housing

24-hour service housing is for individuals who require regular assistance, support and care at all times of the day. In 24-hour service housing, residents live in rented, accessible apartments and receive all the services they need to live at home independently. Staff is present 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide assistance whenever it is needed. Among others, our 24-hour service housing residents include people with severe disabilities and brain injuries. 


Aspa is Aspa Foundation sr and Aspa Services Ltd.

The mission of Aspa is to promote opportunities for persons with disabilities and people recovering from mental health problems to live an independent and autonomous life.

We develop individually-tailored, high-quality and safe living solutions in ordinary residential environments. In general, Aspa strives to influence the design and construction of housing and local communities so as to treat the needs of all members of society equally.

The Aspa Foundation owns about 1 200 apartments all over the country. Foundation acquires apartments that are available on the open market with financial support from Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations (STEA). The apartments are rented to persons with disabilities and persons recovering from mental health issues who need assisted living services.

Aspa Services Ltd, which is owned by Foundation, produces individualized services for assisted living in flexible ways.

Aspa’s values

The work of both the Aspa Foundation and Aspa Services Ltd is customer-driven and based on the following values: we do what we promise, we respect everyone and we are responsible. We accept everyone as they are.

Contact us

Call our free customer service number 0800 302 003 on weekdays 9-15. We are happy to help you! If the number is busy, we will call you back.

Tuomas Koskela, CEO Aspa Foundation sr
+358 40 653 2183

Seija Milonoff, CEO, Aspa Services Ltd.
 +358 40 830 1208